Two Days to Go

We are now in the final two days of our campaign for re-election.

Our hard-working volunteers and candidates have been travelling all around the Borough, from Aldborough to Wanstead and many other communities in between.

We spoke with thousands of people about the things that matter most to them and shared our vision for Redbridge.

Whether it was investing in our residents' safety, cleaning the streets, creating jobs for our residents or fighting the Conservative cuts to our hospitals, police and schools, people were energised about our message.

This is all about building momentum for our campaign and delivering Results for Redbridge.

One highlight was meeting Tom on the doorstep. Tom has been a supporter of Labour for around 40 years.

Tom told me his Dad was a Labour man who worked in the Ford Factory in Dagenham, his dad brought him up to always remember there are people who need help - and that it’s the Labour Party who helps.

With just two days until the Local Elections in Redbridge, we’ve got so much more to do to make sure people know Labour is the only party that can deliver.

But with your support, I know we can do it. Please remind your friends, family and neighbours what Labour stands for and how we are improving the lives of those the Borough. 

You can also help by following and sharing the posts from my Facebook page 

I hope you will allow me the opportunity to deliver on our Manifesto and Vision 2022 pledges and continue to deliver Results for Redbridge over the next four years.