Listening to South Woodford Residents on Local Plan Proposals

Last night at a meeting organised by Cllr Lloyd Duddridge with the help of the South Woodford Society, I met with residents of the South Woodford area to hear their concerns over the proposed Local Plan.

It was great so many residents came along to discuss their concerns over the plan and hear first hand from me why certain proposals have been included.

Residents raised a number of issues which gave me the opportunity to allay some of their concerns.

I also reiterated to residents the problems that could occur if the Local Plan is not successfully approved by the Secretary of State, which could include the Government appointing someone who does not know the borough who would design a new plan without input from residents and councillors.

If someone is appointed by the Government, parts of the borough like South Woodford could potentially end up worse off because of the lack of local knowledge and input from residents being incorporated.

Council Officers will meet with representatives of the South Woodford Society, and other groups before the plan is submitted to the inspector. Ensuring their concerns are succinctly delivered and some of their suggestions can be incorporated into the final submission of the Plan.

The Redbridge Labour Administration is committed to its residents and maintaining and improving their lives - making Redbridge the best place in London to Live, Work and Play.