£50,000 Community Safety Fund Applications Open

Applications for the £50,000 Community Safety Fund are now open!

At the Redbridge Council Budget meeting in February, Redbridge Labour committed to deliver a £50,000 Community Safety Fund; and applications are now open for the fund.

The fund has been launched in response to rising crime in Redbridge due to the £1bn of police cuts imposed by the Conservative government.

Redbridge Labour is committed to aiding and supporting vital community groups combating crime and antisocial behaviour in the borough, where the government have failed.

The £50,000 Community Safety fund provides grants to third sector community based organisations to enable delivery of local crime prevention activities, community communication and to support police and enforcement teams to promote a sense of security and community spirit.

The Fund consists of a total of £50,000. The funding is available to support third sector organisations (i.e. organisations that are not for profit and non-governmental, for example registered charities and social enterprises) to assist in the reduction of crime and protect victims, witnesses and vulnerable people. The minimum award will be £500 and the maximum £3000.

Redbridge Council has been trying to create a more citizen-participatory borough in recent months and this fund will aid in this goal.

We want to promote good citizenship and support those in our community who feel they can assist in crime prevention and keeping an eye out in their community.

More information, and application forms can be found on the Council website: https://www.redbridge.gov.uk/crime-and-public-safety/redbridge-community-safety-fund/

Working together, we can tackle crime and antisocial behaviour and get Results for Redbridge!