Petition to stop policing cuts in Redbridge

Redbridge Council does not control the Police in London, but we have been continually working with the Police and the Mayor of London to increase their presence on our streets in Redbridge.

Police agree that the £1bn cut to their funding from the Conservative Government is an extreme pressure on their resources.

Please sign our petition to the Home Secretary, The Rt Hon Amber Rudd MP, to reverse her cuts. 


Dear Amber Rudd MP

The Residents of the London Borough of Redbridge are frustrated, angered, but most importantly fear for their safety due to the epidemic of crime and violent burglaries.

The Met Police’s own Crime Data shows that Redbridge has some of the highest rate of burglary in the country - one recent incident in particular has seen an 11 year old boy hit over the head with a hammer whilst his father was held down and repeatedly cut with a knife.

The Police do not have the adequate resources to deal with this crime epidemic; we plead with you to reverse the £1bn funding cuts that have been experienced by the Police; and provide immediate additional resources to Redbridge to prevent and investigate burglaries and crime. Please support our police, and support us to live in a safe environment.


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