Petition launches for Redbridge Roundabout

Wes says "Boris! Give our new roundabout the green light to ease congestion" as he launches new petition with campaigners.



The proposed roundabout, at the junction between Woodford Avenue and Clayhall Avenue is designed to ease congestion in the area. The petition launch follows intense debate between Clayhall and Roding councillors about whether there should be an enforced ban on U-turns on Clayhall Avenue.

The new Labour Council consulted residents and found insufficient support to go ahead for the ban, but action is needed to stop traffic jams at this junction.

Wes Streeting joined Clayhall Councillor Gurdial Bhamra and the Cabinet Member responsible for highways, Cllr Baldesh Nijjar to launch the petition with residents from Clayhall and community group Barkingside 21.

Wes says: "Whatever your views about U-turns on Clayhall Avenue, I think both sides would agree that a new roundabout would solve all our problems. The Leader of the Council and I have both made representations to Transport for London, but today I'm stepping up the campaign with public support to petition the Mayor of London and TfL to act. It's time for Boris Johnson to give our new roundabout plan the green light."

Residents can sign the petition online. Paper copies are available. If you'd like to help collect signatures contact Wes directly.