Today, Redbridge Labour announced its bold ambition to make the Oakfield Playing Fields a world class Hub of Sporting Excellence to progressively enhance major sports facilities in the borough.

The hub would seek to ‘activate’ the facilities within the playing fields area and maximise the economic, sport, health and social benefits.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Jas Athwal said “creating the Centre of Excellence will build on the borough’s already strong reputation for nurturing top level sporting abilities, particularly in cricket; and could host major sports events and competitions.”

“Developing a master plan for the fields and creating centre of excellence will allow us to take this to the next level.” Cllr Athwal said.

Any expansion to the sporting use of Oakfield would allow more of the residents of Redbridge to enjoy this fantastic facility.

Some local residents have asked to see the ground made a field in trust, which is still being considered by the Council, however, it must not affect the ability of local residents to access Oakfield which is an asset the people of Redbridge want to see utilised to its full potential.

Creating the Hub would open the doors to funding opportunities to enhance those facilities and to establish stronger strategic partnerships with a range of sporting associations at a regional and national level and result in more athlete development activities and competitive events to be held here in Redbridge.

Cllr Athwal has already started preliminary conversations with national sporting bodies to increase their provision in our borough and he want to see this expanded.