Today re-elected Leader of the Council, Cllr Jas Athwal announced his new look Cabinet following the recent local government elections.

Cllr Athwal said “I have realigned several portfolio areas to reflect the direction our priorities are heading. Several members of the team are moving to new areas for this exciting second term in our improvement of the Redbridge Council.”

In addition to being Leader of the Council, Cllr Athwal will take on the portfolio area of Growth, which will deal with the growth and regeneration agendas of the borough, as well as taking on the portfolio area of Leisure which will see him developing strategies for the future of Redbridge Libraries and ensuring the future needs of residents are met with changing technologies and roles of libraries.

Councillor Kam Rai will also continue in his role as Cabinet Member for Finance and Resources, ensuring we have the ability provide the vital services that our residents want and need in a time of Conservative government austerity. Cllr Rai has also been appointed as the Deputy Leader of the Council.

Councillor Elaine Norman will continue as Cabinet Member for Children and Young People. Elaine has vast experience and knowledge of this portfolio area and will be leading on one of our key election promises of becoming an UNICEF child-friendly accredited borough.

Councillor Mark Santos will also continue in his role of Health and Social Care but his portfolio name will reflect the administration’s goal of recognising Mental Health and our ageing population.

Councillor Helen Coomb moves from her role where she championed the implementation of Redbridge’s Local Plan to new role of Cabinet Member for Transformation and Engagement. This new portfolio area reflects the administration’s view that dealing with our residents in a positive and helpful way is our number one priority.

Councillor Farah Hussain will continue in her role as Cabinet Member for Housing, and will add to the role Homelessness, which will see her leading on working with the Institute of Global Homelessness to develop a strategy to end homelessness in Redbridge and London.

Councillor Bob Littlewood will continue great work with the community by taking on the portfolio of Cabinet Member for Crime, Safety and Community Cohesion.

Councillor John Howard will continue in his role dealing with the environment, transport and cleansing, but the portfolio name will be changed to Civic Pride to recognise the pride all residents take in their local community. Cllr Howard will be instrumental in delivering our commitment of a cleaner borough.

Councillor Sheila Bain will move to the new role of Planning and Planning Enforcement, making sure we tackle issues like beds in sheds.

Councillor Hussain said “I am really excited to take on the challenge of wiping out rough sleeping across Redbridge through my portfolio, and I’m looking forward to working with everyone across the London to make this happen.”