Labour Council Successfully Awarded Illegal Encampment Injunction

Yesterday your Redbridge Labour Council received some great news from the High Court regarding unauthorised encampments.

The judge just gave us our interim injunction to protect our land from unauthorised encampments. She gave us everything we asked for including a power of arrest, as well as a very strong judgement that we will hope to get published in law journals to support our case for the full injunction in October/November time, as well as any other authorities seeking similar injunctions.

The council sought the borough-wide injunction because of the significant legal and clearance costs from enforcement and the concern it is causing to local people. Over the last 2 years it has cost the Council £350k to clear up and remove the 52 instances of illegal encampments (most of these encampments and costs occurred in the summer of 2017). Some clean-up operations have cost the council up to £50K because of the flytipping of asbestos.

I made a commitment last year to seek an injunction and I’m very pleased we have secured this borough-wide ban on illegal encampments to put a stop to this activity. For years we have taken precautions to protect our parks and open spaces such as closing vehicle access but there are always those willing to force entry and set up unlawful camps.  These are a serious problem which understandably leads to complaints and concerns about anti-social behaviour, fly-tipping and other damage from local people.