Introduction from the Leader

Redbridge Labour is on the side of local people, and is making a difference for the many, not the few. Delivering Results for Redbridge!

The last four years have been tough on the borough and tough on residents. Cost of living has skyrocketed because of the Tory led Government hitting our hard-working residents hard, in particular our most vulnerable people.

However, despite this, your the Redbridge Labour Council have delivered on our key priorities in holding a Fairness Commission which has highlighted some of the areas where inequality existed within Redbridge. The Commission brought with it a range of new targets, goals and objectives that needed to be considered when developing policy and delivering on our 2014 election promises.

We have also been working hard to increase civic pride and reduce antisocial behaviour across the Borough by reviewing the enforcement services undertaken in Redbridge. We have introduced easier reporting methods for fly-tipping and free bulky waste collections to complement a new team of enforcement patrols on the streets of Redbridge.

I am proud that we have achieved so much already despite central government cuts.

We have achieved this by tackling issues head on, continuing to be ambitious and innovative, while also focusing on what is most important to residents and businesses. Whilst there have been good results the challenges we face have not gone away, in many ways they are more significant, we need to work harder still on the areas in which we need to improve.

In February 2018, Redbridge Labour held a policy development conference which all local Labour Party Members were invited to submit suggestions for policy priorities that would form the basis for the 2018 Redbridge Local Government Manifesto.

The two key documents that have been produced outline our vision for Redbridge over the next four years, and the priorities for the Labour administration in Council.

The First is the Pocket Manifesto, which outlines our key achievements and key priorities for the next four years; the Second is the Vision 2022 Document, which gives a more high level vision for our borough.


Redbridge Labour Manifesto

The Doorstep manifesto outlines our key pledges for the next four years in an easily accessible document for our residents.


Redbridge Labour Vision

The Vision 2022 document outlines our vision for Redbridge over the next four years and the priorities for the Labour administration in Council, it will help guide Council Officers and give further detail to the public, organisations and business on our vision.


If you value what we do, vote for it by voting Labour on May 3rd.

Cllr Jas Athwal
Leader of the Council