Labour Council repairs Tory negligence - Saving £12m per year

The Redbridge Labour Administration will have reduced the Council's annual payroll spending, taking into account all forms of employment by over £12M per annum by the end of its four-year term, this, despite the backdrop of rising demand with diminishing resources.

The reduction is in stark contrast to the amount recklessly spent by the previous Conservative Administration.

Council Leader, Cllr Jas Athwal, defiant in his response, said “Would Cllr Canal rather we cut services by £12M? We make no apologies for hiring experienced and effective interim staff to come in for a fixed period and complete tasks as we continue on the journey to provide value for money. It’s a real shame that Cllr Canal uses hard working staff as pawns for his political means”.

Cllr Athwal went on to say “Residents can rest assured that staff are hired based on need and for the time frame required to provide services residents deserve. We will continue to become more efficient and work for our borough, we will not manage decline like the Conservatives who sat on their hands while services were cut, and preferred to hire for hiring sake"

This Council has always employed interim staff, even under the Conservatives. During this period of transformation, interim staff play a key role to ensure that change is delivered whilst achieving year on year saving of £12M. “If Cllr Canal thinks this saving is bad, perhaps he can tell us how he will achieve that saving of £60M over 5 years without cutting services to residents."

The Conservatives left Redbridge with a financial black hole with our total budget being savaged by £132m since 2010 - by reducing the annual spend by £12M, it means we can continue to provide important and vital care to our most vulnerable residents.

Additionally, Labour have kept open libraries, maintained weekly bin collection, reinstated green garden waste, opened public toilets, introduced free half hour parking, opened swimming pools, reintroduced weekly street sweeping which Cllr Canal cut whilst saving £132M in the process, whilst other councils were closing services we bucked the trend.