Ken Livingstone campaigns with pensioners on 'D day' for the Granny Tax

On the decisive day for the Tories “granny tax”, Labour candidate for Mayor Ken Livingstone met pensioners across the capital to discuss his manifesto for valuing older Londoners. Ken wrote to every London MP yesterday morning urging them to vote against the 'granny tax' in the House of Commons tonight (Letter attached).

Ken met residents of  Anchor's Greenhive care home in Peckham yesterday and listened to their concerns. Ken Livingstone will set out his plans to stand up for older Londoners, as he promises to fight to ensure they gain the dignity and respect they deserve. Ken is pledging to:

  • Protect the Freedom Pass- Ken will guarantee to protect free travel for pensioners  and return the age of eligibility to 60
  • Lower bills and make homes warmer- Ken’s home energy efficiency programme will prioritise offering free insulation to older Londoners
  • Ensure free cycling for older Londoners- Ken will extend the freedom pass to cover annual membership of the Mayor’s cycle hire scheme for those who want it
  • Encourage silversurfers- Ken will work with business and the voluntary sector to provide free access to computers and internet training for older people, including donating surplus computers to older peoples’ groups
  • Ensure older people have time to cross the road- Ken will put safety first and give all Londoners back time to cross the road
  • Ken will work to extend the London Living Wage campaign to include a London Living Income for pensioners

On his visit to Anchor's Greenhive care home in Peckham Ken Livingstone also pledged his support for Anchor’s Grey Pride campaign.

Speaking about his plans for valuing older Londoners Ken Livingstone said,

“The government has opened an attack on older Londoners to pay for a tax cut for the richest. The Tories are taking older Londoners for granted. Instead of fighting for their interests, Tory Mayor Boris Johnson has spent the last two years persuading his Tory chums to cut Tax for the super-rich. If MPs don’t take action today thousands of older Londoners will pay the price of the “granny tax”.

"If you're an older Londoner there is simply no good reason to vote Tory at this time.

“I will stand up for older Londoners, so that they gain the dignity and respect that they deserve after decades of contributing to society."

Commenting on Ken's manifesto for older Londoners Mandy Richards (candidate for Havering and Redbridge) said,

"I had the pleasure of meeting over 100 older Londoners at the Redbridge Pensioners Forum this week. They could not have been clearer about how  they feel the Granny Tax is unfair and that they are deeply concerned about rising energy prices, protecting the freedom pass and rising crime. The choice is clear for London on 03 May - vote for a Labour Mayor and GLA to ensure you have a representative who will act for in the interests of the majority of Londoners."

Further details of the hustings hosted by the Redbridge Pensioners Forum can be found here.