Conservative Leader Paul Canal Scurries to Save Leadership

Last night’s Redbridge Council meeting saw the Conservative Leader, Paul Canal march his entire party from the chamber in what could only be described as a last ditch attempt to save his flailing leadership following yet more embarrassment and lies.

The withdrawal by the Conservatives from the chamber occurred during an attempt by the Labour Group to introduce a motion that not only welcomed the withdrawal of a Conservative motion on the Loxford Lane Hyleford site but also corrected days of misleading and inaccurate information that had been spread by the Conservatives.

Leader of the Council, Jas Athwal said “Councillor Canal had his facts wrong; but instead of apologising to the public and the chamber, he scurried for cover to save his Leadership in a show of cowardly action.”

The withdrawn Conservative motion was submitted by Councillor Canal and seconded by his deputy, Councillor Michelle Dunn, and related to a supposed loss of £2.7m of funding from the Greater London Authority to build housing projects across the borough of Redbridge.

Councillor Athwal said “I tabled an urgent motion to Council to clarifying the facts and ensuring residents of Redbridge know the truth”.

The motion by Labour which passed last night also noted that the funding of £2.459m made available by the GLA; is still available to be spent on the Hyleford site; and the motion also resolved to make better use of the £2.459m on the site by creating a more comprehensive solution than was previously envisaged.

Cllr Athwal also said “in future councillors need to ensure that they check their facts. Creating baseless motions to Council and generating distress to residents will mean we call out playground bullies like Councillor Canal for who they really are”.

The Labour Group has reiterated its call on the Conservatives to seriously consider whether Paul Canal is the best person to lead them, as this is only one of a number of serious mistakes he has made in recent past.

Councillor Athwal will also be seeking legal advice in the coming days as to whether Cllr Canal’s actions should be referred to a Standards Committee. 

Watch the video of the walkout here: