Conservative Leader's Motion Misleads Public on Council Funding

Today saw the withdrawal, by stealth, of a Conservative motion to the Redbridge Council by Councillor Paul Canal but only after generating wider public interest. The motion was submitted by Councillor Canal and seconded by his deputy, Councillor Michelle Dunn, and related to a supposed loss of £2.7m of funding from the Greater London Authority to build housing projects across the borough of Redbridge.

Leader of the Council, Jas Athwal said “Councillor Canal had his facts wrong; his motion misled the public and was exacerbated by tweeting inaccurate information that created media and public interest in a story which was baseless”.

Councillor Athwal tabled a motion to Council clarifying the facts and ensuring residents of Redbridge know the truth.

The Labour Group motion welcomed the withdrawal of the Conservative Leader and Deputy Leader’s motion on the Loxford Lane Hyleford site which contained misleading and inaccurate information.

It also noted that the funding of £2.459m made available by the GLA; is still available to be spent on the Hyleford site; and the motion also resolved to make better use of the £2.459m from the GLA on the site by creating a more comprehensive solution than was previously envisaged.

Cllr Athwal also said “councillors need to ensure that they check the facts before creating baseless motions to Council and generating distress to residents”.

The Labour Group has called on the Conservatives to seriously consider whether Paul Canal is the best person to lead them, as this is only one of a number of serious mistakes he has made in recent past.