Conservatives propose to sack 20 street sweepers and hire 8 in 'an effort to clean our streets'

Redbridge Conservatives tabled an amendment last night at the Council's budget meeting which would have sacked 20 key interim street cleaning staff and replaced them with just 8 permanent street sweeping staff.

Cabinet Member for Finance, Cllr Kam Rai said, "Cllr Canal thinks sacking staff is a good way to keep our streets clean. The temporary staff we hire on an interim basis are in these roles until we can fill positions permanently, perhaps he can tell us how he will achieve cleaner streets whilst cutting staffing?".

He continued, "Redbridge Conservatives have a terrible record on street cleansing, having halved the number of cleaning rounds when they were in power. In contrast, Labour reversed this cut and are now investing even more in order to keep our streets clean. It seems that Cllr Paul Canal and his colleagues are only concerned with Tory strongholds in the north of the borough and are happy to neglect the street cleansing needs of the south and west.”

Labour last night announced a £200,000 investment into street sweeping, which is equivalent to 80 additional street sweeping rounds per week across Redbridge.