Conservative Amendment Endangering Rubbish Collection Defeated by Labour Council

Last night at the Redbridge Council Budget meeting, Conservative Councillors Paul Canal and Robert Cole tabled an amendment which would have seen rubbish collection and much needed transport services for special needs children halted in Redbridge.

The Conservative amendment would have removed £1m from the Council's fleet replacement programme. This vital fleet replacement programme will ensure that Council vehicles, including refuse collection trucks, and transportation for special needs children, meet the new Ultra Low Emission Zone and Low Emission Zone standards set to be introduced by the Mayor of London.

Had the amendment passed these vehicles would have broken the new regulations and been fined accordingly, potentially costing the Council thousands.

The Leader of the Council, Cllr Jas Athwal said, "This was a reckless, poorly researched amendment which would have seen residents in the west of the borough around the Wanstead and Woodford area left without waste collection – not to mention leaving vulnerable special need children without the ability to get to school – Cllr Canal should take a long hard look at himself and the policies which would disadvantage residents".

Redbridge Labour counted numerous errors in the poorly researched Conservative Amendment, including the proposed deletion of officers posts which did not exist.