Redbridge Labour Providing Real Action for Charlie Brown's Roundabout

Over the past few months Redbridge Labour Group members have been working with Transport for London to provide positive action over the Charlie Brown Roundabout site. Only now after months of hard work can the fruits of these efforts be revealed.

Redbridge Labour Leader, Councillor Jas Athwal, Roding Labour Ward Councillor Lloyd Duddridge and the Local Labour Member for Ilford North, Wes Streeting have reached out and worked with Transport for London, the Mayor of London and local residents to provide real action for the problematic Roundabout.

With the assistance of TfL, options are being developed to improve the situation at the roundabout for pedestrian, cyclists and commuter traffic.

Additionally, a scheme is being designed to introduce ‘Toucan’ crossing, which will assist pedestrians and cyclists in crossing these busy roads – something residents have been asking for, and Labour has been working to deliver.
Following detailed design, public consultation and approval processes – it is understood that the construction of these changes could be started as early as the first half of 2018.

Local Labour Ward Councillor for Roding, Councillor Duddridge said “It is great that the hard work that Jas Athwal, Wes Streeting and I have put in over a number of months behind the scenes is finally starting to pay some fruition”.
At the recent Roding by-election, Councillor Duddridge and Leader of the Council, Jas Athwal promised that only Labour would deliver residents in Roding.

Leader of the Council Jas Athwal said “Our Local Lloyd has lived in Woodford his whole life and he knew that the status quo at Charlie Browns could not continue – He is a great champion for the north of the borough and it is great that in only a few short months as a Labour Councillor he has worked with Transport for London to try and get an optimal outcome for all.’’

This great result is just another way that this Labour Administration is working for all residents in Redbridge and delivering on their promises.

Politics is not about press releases – it’s about working in the background for a better outcome for residents like Council Leader Jas Athwal, Local Lloyd and Local Member Wes Streeting have done – not just collecting signatures on petitions like we saw last week by Liberal Democrat Councillor, Gwyneth Deakins and Conservative Councillor and London Assembly Member, Keith Prince.