Budget 2018: Delivering Results for Redbridge despite Government cuts

Tonight, the Redbridge Labour Council delivered its final budget before the May Local Elections.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Jas Athwal said “As a resident of Redbridge, the cuts from the Tory Government have been particularly savage and affect us all. The Council budget has already been cut by £132m and we expect further budget reductions to hit in the future.  Despite these brutal cuts, Labour have been delivering the services our residents want and deserve.”

In the face of unprecedented cuts from the Tory Government, Redbridge Labour Council remain committed to investing in residents’ safety, green spaces, keeping our streets clean and protecting our vulnerable residents, and this is reflected in our Budget for the coming year.

The Council’s 2018/19 Budget meets the financial challenge created by austerity head on. The Council will both continue to invest in our borough and also save £50m through delivering services in a more creative way and efficient way.



Redbridge Labour have frozen or kept Council Tax as low as possible for residents over the past four years but we are now, like all other councils, facing the national social care crisis.”

The Conservative Government has forced Redbridge Council to become their Tory Tax Collectors by shirking central government responsibility to fund vital services like adult social care. 

Cllr Athwal further said “The only option open to the Council is to accept the Government’s proposal and introduce a two per cent social care levy. The money raised through this levy is used solely to fund adult social care, which is needed to support and protect our most vulnerable residents in a time of ever increasing financial pressure. By increasing Council Tax, we will be able to continue to deliver the services residents rely on every day.”



Redbridge Labour are committed to keeping our streets safe by tackling crime brought on by £1bn of Conservative government police cuts. We are working with the Mayor of London and Metropolitan Police to ensure adequate policing resources are available in Redbridge.

Redbridge Labour are continuing to invest in a borough wide programme replacing all our old street lights with new LED lights which make our streets brighter and improve safety, reduce electricity costs and help prevent antisocial behaviour.

Redbridge Labour are also investing £1.5m in new high-tech CCTV and Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras, creating a ‘ring of steel’ around the borough – improving safety and tackling crime.

We are investing in our uniformed Enforcement Team and will be tripling officers to 30, these officers will play a key role in tackling fly tipping and Antisocial Behaviour.

Redbridge Labour is committed to tackling Crime and ensuring resident safety in the borough. We will create of a £50,000 Community Safety Fund to support neighbourhood watch schemes and community groups.

We will also launch the first of its kind independent Redbridge Crime Commission, working in partnership with our community to fight crime.



Redbridge Labour are also continuing to deliver on our promise of health and wellbeing projects in the borough. We’ve already delivered the Loxford leisure centre and the Goodmayes centre is expected to be complete in the next few months.  Works will begin on the Wanstead public pool later in 2018; and we have committed to building a new leisure facility in Ilford Town.

We’re investing £1.6m over four years into our boroughs 29 parks and open spaces by providing invigorated play equipment to continue our health and wellbeing agenda, and help local children develop social and creative skills.

Redbridge Labour are continuing to invest in street cleansing.

We’re also committed to our road users, and will be doubling free parking stays across the borough to one hour; and halving the cost of residential parking permits to just £20 with electric cars free.

Despite severe cuts from Central Government we continue to be very ambitious; and we are delivering Results for Redbridge.

This Budget will ensure that we continue to make Redbridge a place we can all be proud to call home.