£850k Migration Fund Grant Won by Labour Council

Great news coming to us today, with Redbridge’s Labour Council successfully bidding for £850K to help migrants settle and ease pressure on services.

The funds will be spent on tackling rogue landlords and improving the council’s ability to combat fly-tipping and beds in sheds.

When we took over in 2014, it was suspected there were around 454 illegal beds in sheds, and we shut down over 100 in the first two years alone.

Migrants are at particular risk of poor housing conditions and a large slice of the funding will be used to combat overcrowding, poorly managed homes in multiple occupation (HMO’s) and unlawful beds-in-sheds in the private rented sector.

To improve access to good quality housing for all tenants the Council will be investing in a tenant accreditation and referencing service, launching a tenant forum and working with all stakeholders to ensure its success.

This fund will also help us to support other manifesto pledges, by helping to tackle fly-tipping and other anti-social behaviour – this may be through targeted information spelling out how to dispose of waste, including using the council’s free bulky collection service and increased enforcement action  will be taken against landlords of houses in multiple occupation that do not provide their tenants with suitably sized bins, somewhere to store them and information about when to put them out for collection.

We will use this grant wisely to ensure we improve the living conditions for all our residents. Fly tipping affects us all and Beds in Sheds drain away vital resources, this will send a clear message that rogue landlords will not be tolerated in Redbridge.

The government’s Controlling Migration Fund was launched in 2017 with £100M available to help local authorities in England.  The money is given to councils on the condition it must not directly help illegal immigrants.

Breaches can be reported and details will be kept confidential by completing a form on the Council website https://www.redbridge.gov.uk/planning-and-building/planning-enforcement-complaint/ or emailing planning.enforcement@redbridge.gov.uk